Get ready for ARMA.

About Kangarama

Kangarama is a textile science and technology company developing anti-bacterial and anti-viral wear in the medical sector. Our technology-based fabrics are researched, refined, modified and tested to keep your scrubs free from microorganisms.

We’ve incorporated innovation, functionality and sustainability in our mission to create ‘wearable safety’ using a unique anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology, Arma Tech.

Our focus is on producing Australian made scrubs with the planet at the forefront of our inspiration and decisions. 

Behind the name

Kangarama is a completely unique word, created by us.

Combining an iconic Australian animal, the Kangaroo, with the verbal sound of armour. Kangarama signifies an Australian brand with strength and protection. 

The story behind our Australian made scrubs

Kangarama was created to keep contaminants off work wear. We wanted to provide ‘wearable safety’ that was also durable and comfortable, whilst still being fashionable. Using science and innovative technology, Kangarama was born.

 When creating our medical wear, we knew we had to do our part in also protecting the environment. With a clear purpose, our medical wear has been thoughtfully created so those in the healthcare industry can make sustainable choices.